What a difference blue skies and sunshine make.

Whilst working this weekend everywhere had the feel of a bank holiday due to the pubs, cafes, restaurants all closing due to Covid-19. Apart from the usual stampede by the uneducated masses to the supermarkets, all the streets seemed quite giving it the feel of a late bank holiday afternoon. Continue reading “What a difference blue skies and sunshine make.”

A dislike for fellow human beings

With everything going on at home and in the world with the Coronavirus, I appear to have taken a bigger dislike to the general public and my fellow human beings than normal. Continue reading “A dislike for fellow human beings”

Strange and uncertain times ahead

Over the last few days I have had so much to write about given what is happening in the world which is now affecting us personally yet I have struggled to put it all down in words. So here goes. Continue reading “Strange and uncertain times ahead”

Where do you stand on blogging anonymity?

Blogging is a very public thing. Posts are written on some very raw and personal subjects and put out there for all to read. There is something very therapeutic about writing down your thoughts, feelings or issues you may be struggling with and getting them out of your head and online. With that therapy comes a vulnerability which we all struggle with. Whether you decide to hide behind anonymity or not, whether you post out to fellow bloggers who are strangers you have a common purpose with or you post to your friends, colleagues or family there is always a real feel of vulnerability about bearing all your feelings and thoughts. Continue reading “Where do you stand on blogging anonymity?”

Weekend in Lake District

This weekend we celebrated our wedding anniversary, 23 years and counting. There have been a fair few bumps in the road along the way, but whose marriage was ever smooth running? Each year we try to celebrate our anniversary by going away for the weekend minus the kids, just some quality time together. This year was no different and we booked a gorgeous hotel in the stunning Lake District, Grasmere to be exact.

Continue reading “Weekend in Lake District”